Amplify community voices.

Our Mission

Stono Public Affairs was created with the notion that the most powerful voices in any public policy debate are the very communities most impacted.

When those voices are organized and engaged power can be unleashed. Stono Public Affairs is committed to unleashing that power by amplifying those voices, through engagement, organizing and advocacy.

Most public policy problems are resolved or endure based on whose voice is the loudest and who has access to a microphone on an issue. Yet, many public policy debates fail to include the voices of the very people most impacted.

Stono Public Affairs unique strategy of sustained engagement can win debates not just by crafting the right message but by changing who is listening. We believe that while the issues change the people don’t- and the consistency and authenticity of our advocacy has created a trusted network that can effectively communicate motivating messages around any number of issues.

Stono Public Affairs is uniquely positioned to provide traditional State and Federal Government Relations work as well as culturally relevant issue advocacy that builds trusts and lasting relationships in communities where no relationship currently exists. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion allows us to identify unique mutually beneficial alliances which may not be apparent at first glance.

Meet the Principals

Recognized and experienced leadership, uniquely positioned to provide traditional government relations as well as culturally relevant issue advocacy that builds trusts and lasting relationships across communities.

James Gee

Founding Principal

James Gee has spent his entire life in service to the public. His work building the Democratic Party to register voters, designing and implementing strategies to reach and proactively engage previously disenfranchised voters extends from the most local levels of government directly into the halls of Congress and the West Wing. James is as comfortable on Trenton’s East State Street registering voters one by one as he is on Capitol Hill organizing a conference on Black Women and Girls Issues with 5,000 attendees. Whether he is working on a city council race or flying on Sean Combs’ private jet drafting speeches and messaging for the Citizen Change “Vote or Die” campaign, James Gee has always been on the frontline fighting for democratic value.

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Jay Redd

Managing Principal

Jason Redd has a wealth of strategic public affairs experience and is well versed on a range of policy issues targeting political, governmental, and legal affairs. Having spent the past decade serving in roles at the highest levels of New Jersey government and lobbying on behalf of a broad client base, he possesses a unique combination of internal knowledge and external experience that is critical to the successful management of a challenging roster of clients, from former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to the Reform Alliance. He has provided strategic guidance to multinational life-science companies and innovative social-enterprising nonprofits. To quote one of his colleagues, “He is on a first-name basis with the movers and shakers of New Jersey—people answer his call.”

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